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Month: May 2016

Crucial Medical Provider Reimbursement Case Heads To Michigan Supreme Court

Can hospitals, doctors and other medical service providers file their own lawsuits against no-fault insurers, seeking reimbursement for services they’ve rendered to persons injured in car crashes? If so, can these treatment providers protect their right to reimbursement by sending written notice to no-fault insurers of their intent to collect payment on their own?

When Two Words Collide: Car “Crash” Or Car “Accident”?

Words, and how they’re used, are important. The more we use words or phrases in certain ways, the more we become accustomed to that usage, making it seem “normal.” In cases of collisions involving motor vehicles, the phrase “car accident” or “traffic accident” has typically been used. For decades, we


Michigan Motorcycle Deaths Climb 23 Percent In 2015

Deaths on motorcycles in Michigan last year climbed a staggering 23 percent over 2014, according to a new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). And across the United States, motorcycle deaths in 2015 surged 10 percent over motorcycle fatalities in 2014. According to data provided by state highway

Michigan Traffic Accident Deaths Spiked In 2015

On the heels of a downward trend in recent years, Michigan traffic accident deaths jumped 10 percent in 2015 — with a whopping 57 percent spike in fatalities involving bicyclists. In 2015, there were 963 traffic-accident deaths on the state’s roadways, up from 876 in 2014, according to new information

Turn On The Car Radio … And Turn Up The Danger

We all listen to the car radio while driving. Sometimes we sing along to our favorite tune or take in the news of the day. But a recent study reveals that listening to the radio while driving is a bigger distraction than originally thought, and may lead to more auto accidents.  The study focused on