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Month: June 2015


US Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Decision Affects Michigan Auto Law

Today’s same-sex marriage decision extends a number of benefits to gay couples under Michigan no-fault law. As you have probably heard, the United States Supreme Court issued its landmark decision of Obergefell v Hodges this morning, holding that the U.S. Constitution guarantees same-sex couples the right to marry. Obviously, this


Michigan Supreme Court Affirms Mind-Body Connection

Holding that personal injury claims may also include emotional and psychological damages means is also significant in the Michigan no-fault context. Find out why. With summer almost here, the holidays seem like a long time ago;  but late last December, while most of us were buying presents, the Michigan Supreme


Adding a Teenage Driver to Your Auto Insurance Policy

In Michigan, adding a teen driver to your auto no-fault policy might not cost you as much as it would in other states A number of costs are associated with having a teenage driver in your household. Once they have their license, they need a vehicle to drive (be it


D-Insurance Update: A Closer Look at Michigan SB 288 (S-3)

Michigan SB 288 (S-3), in its current form, would provide second-class auto insurance to those who cannot otherwise afford traditional no-fault insurance policies. In an effort to address the problem of excessively high auto insurance rates in Detroit, SB 288 was recently introduced by Senator Virgil Smith. The Senate Insurance


Is D-Insurance One Step Closer to Becoming Reality?

The Detroit auto insurance plan, “D-Insurance,” was voted out of the Senate Insurance Committee earlier this week Mayor Duggan’s Detroit auto insurance plan, coined “D-Insurance,” may be a step closer to becoming an option for those in the city who face high auto insurance costs. Michigan Senate Bill 288, as passed


Be Wary of Those Calling for No-Fault “Reform”

Often, those no-fault “reforms” will do more harm than good for those who could benefit from no-fault the most: each and everyone one of us. While another week has gone by without any legislative action on Michigan no-fault reform, specifically SB 248, a version of which is now stalled on