Child Custody Attorneys

The dissolution of a marriage or long-term relationship may become more complicated when children are involved. Often times, the parties involved will need to split the amount of time spent with the child(ren), assuming the court determines that sort of arrangement is in the best interest of the child(ren). The Court will take a number of issues and considerations into account when making its determination regarding child custody. We have provided an overview of the primary issues regarding Michigan child custody claims and disputes, including some of the Michigan statutes that govern this specific area of family law. Of course, be sure to contact child custody attorneys who have handled such issues in Michigan should you have additional questions about the law or want to discuss the particular circumstances of your case.

Child Support Information

Types of Child Custody

Michigan family courts will make determinations as to which type of custody a parent may be awarded: legal custody, physical custody, sole custody, or joint custody. Learn what these mean and the implications of each of these custody awards.

The Michigan Child Custody Best Interest Factors

MCL 722.23 enumerates the factors that family law judges will consider when making custody determinations in divorce and separation cases. We have provided a list of these factors, and other issues that might factor into a child custody award.


Parenting Time

In addition to child custody, the Courts use a number of factors to determine how much, if any, parenting time may be awarded to a parent. To be sure you are aware of what the court make take into account when making this decision, visit this page. Should you have further questions or concerns, contact our divorce attorneys for a consultation.

Changing Residences

Where parents have joint custody of their child(ren), there are limits on how far the child(ren) may be moved from their residence. If a parent wishes to move more than 100 miles away and/or out of state, the Court must grant permission to do so, after properly evaluating the situation. Consulting with Michigan child custody attorneys will be helpful in making sure you follow the rules if you are contemplating moving with your child(ren).

Modifying Existing Custody Orders

Once a custody order has been issued, there are certain findings that must be established before the order may be modified in any way. A parent seeking to modify the order must show proper cause or change of circumstances warranting the change. Ultimately, however, the best interest factors used for custody matters will be used to make a final determination regarding whether a change in the custody arrangement will happen.