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Michigan Family Law Attorneys

Since 1951, we have been helping people in Lansing, Okemos, East Lansing and throughout Michigan with their domestic relations matters.

Located in Lansing and Grand Rapids, the family law attorneys at Sinas Dramis have represented families and individuals across Michigan in divorcehigh-asset divorces with complex marital estateschild custodychild supportdivision of property and paternity cases, as well as many other family law matters.

We understand that domestic relations cases can involve complex and emotional issues. That is why you need a legal team in your corner that not only has a thorough understanding of Michigan domestic relations laws, but also the experience to grasp the sensitive nature of the issues while appreciating how difficult this time may be for you and your loved ones.

If you have questions or need of family law representation, contact our Michigan divorce and family law attorneys for an initial consultation.

Client Testimonials: Grand Rapids & Lansing Divorce Lawyers

“Jackie Dupler was professional, organized, intelligent, kind, reassuring and knowledgeable. She helped me navigate through the divorce process with ease, and made the experience as painless as possible. I was well-prepared for my appointment with Friend of the Court, as well as for my final court date. All documents and paperwork were mailed quickly and efficiently. Following the divorce, she also helped me create a will and power of attorney, and was kind and professional throughout that process as well. I would absolutely recommend her without hesitation.”  (Avvo, March 2017)

“I used Jackie Dupler for recent divorce proceedings. She was very responsive, easy to talk to, and gave really good advice (saving me from myself on one particular issue). I would definitely recommend her to anyone.”  (Avvo, February 2017)

“Ms. Dupler has guided me through an extraordinarily difficult divorce. She has maintained reason in the face of unreasonable issues. She has advised with thoughtfulness and long term best outcome in mind. She listened to my priorities for this divorce and helped me achieve the best outcome for me and my children. During the trial she was amazingly quick at adapting to the testimony and remained focused on what the court needed rather than wasting a bunch of time litigating stuff that made no difference to the case. The absolute best thing about Ms. Dupler as my attorney is that I trust her. I trust her to call only when needed. I trust her to tell me like it is, even when it is not what I want to hear. I trust her to advise me when I am blindsided with something in the case that I did not expect. I trust her when she says ‘We will get through this.’”  (Avvo, July 2017)

“Jackie assisted me with a court matter surrounding a parenting dispute. Despite being given little notice of my upcoming court date, Jackie made herself available immediately to discuss the case, and met with me in person the very next morning. Even though my case was outside her home county, she didn’t hesitate to make the necessary travel to support me. At all times Jackie was professional, thorough, and I found her calm confidence very reassuring. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again, if needed.” (Avvo, October 2017)

Child Custody

When a divorce involves children, the parties should have a common goal: furthering the children’s best interests. Separations, divorces and similar disruptions can be traumatic to young people, which is why you shouldn’t trust just any attorney to fight for the rights of your children. With more than 60 years of experience handling Michigan child-custody cases and other family matters, our Lansing and Grand Rapids child custody attorneys will help you navigate the laws and help ensure the best decisions are made.

Spousal Support

Spousal support (formerly known as alimony) is money that is paid to one spouse by the other, to provide support for the spouse who receives the payment. There are a number of factors a court considers when determining the amount of spousal support, as well as how long payments will be made to the recipient. Our Lansing divorce lawyers can help you understand how spousal support is awarded.


Divorces are difficult, plain and simple. Because divorces and the issues that are involved can be complicated, it is important for you to have an experienced legal team supporting you. Our family law attorneys have years of collective experience handling divorce-related issues for ALL types of family structures and situations. You can trust our Lansing divorce lawyers to guide you through the legal process with knowledge, compassion and understanding.

Child Support

If there are children in a marriage that is ending, both parents must work to ensure the children are provided for — this means that both parties should support their children financially, until they are of the age of majority.

Contrary to what some might believe, child support is not a punishment for the parent who must pay, nor is it a windfall for the parent who receives it. Our Lansing divorce attorneys can help you understand the considerations that determine how child support is calculated in Michigan.

Property Division

As divorce lawyers, we know that property division isn’t just something to consider when parties are divorcing. Rather, it also is an issue when the parties seek separate maintenance as an alternative to divorce. When parties decide to go their separate ways, it must be determined how their individual property and the marital property accumulated as a result of the marriage will be divided. This is particularly true in high-asset divorces, where the division of property can be  complicated because assets such as a second home, vacation property, retirement accounts or a family business may be involved.

To ensure the property you receive at the end of your marriage represents a fair and equitable distribution, you must be familiar with what is considered when evaluating the proposed property settlement. Our Michigan family law attorneys will protect your interests in this phase of your divorce or separation process.