Michigan Child Support Laws

No matter how contentious a divorce proceeding may get, if there are children involved, all parties should at the very least agree that they want what is best for them. Along these lines, even though both parents have come to realize that they can no longer remain together, the child(ren) of the marriage, regardless of who has custody, must be provided for. A child support award is one way in which a family law judge can ensure that the child(ren) will be supported. There are Michigan child support laws that determine the basis by which support is calculated, in addition to other relevant factors.

There is a child support formula that Michigan family law judges are required to use. The goal of the child support award is to divide the burden of child-rearing related costs.

The point of the child support award is not to punish one party or the other, nor is it intended to be money spent by the recipient spouse for their own purposes. Rather, as mentioned above, the point of the child support award is to assist in the more equal distribution of child-rearing and costs associated with it.

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Commonly Asked Questions about Child Support in Michigan: