Sexual Assault Non-Domestic Personal Protection Orders

A sexual assault non-domestic PPO applies to all cases, regardless of any relationship between the parties, and can be sought in order to protect a petitioner who has been sexually assaulted, or threatened with sexual assault.

The procedures and requirements for obtaining a sexual assault non-domestic PPO are set forth in MCL 600.2950a.

When a Sexual Assault Non-Domestic Personal Protection Order May be Sought

In order to petition the court for a Non-Domestic Sexual Assault PPO, the petition must allege one of the following:

  • The respondent has been convicted of sexual assault against the petitioner;
  • The petitioner has been sexually assaulted by the respondent or has been threatened with sexual assault by the respondent, causing the petitioner reasonable apprehension of sexual assault; or
  • Regardless of whether the respondent was criminally convicted, the petitioner is a minor and the respondent furnished obscene material to the petitioner

Acts or Conduct for which a Sexual Assault PPO may be Issued

In addition to the acts prohibited in a Non-Domestic PPO, pursuant to MCL 600.2950a(3), a Sexual Assault Non-Domestic PPO may prohibit the following:

  • Threatening to sexually assault, kill, or physically injure the petitioner
  • Conduct that imposes upon or interferes with the petitioner’s personal liberty or that causes a reasonable apprehension of violence or sexual assault

The filing procedures, ex parte orders, and enforcement issues discussed for domestic PPOs also apply to sexual assault non-domestic PPOs.