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Month: July 2015


Car Hacking: Is there really cause for concern?

The Jeep vehicle hacking incident – and subsequent recall of Fiat Chrysler automobiles – should give us pause. The auto industry, privacy advocates, and the general public were taken by storm when a Wired magazine article was published recounting what many would consider a nightmare situation: having a Jeep (or


Car Accident or Car Crash? #crashnotaccident movement gaining traction.

Continuous efforts to change the way we talk about auto collisions has led to #crashnotaccident Have you heard about the #crashnotaccident campaign? It involves a concerted effort to shift the terminology used to describe collisions involving motor vehicles, semi-trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. For the longest time, these incidents have


Aging Drivers: Is it time to turn over your keys?

Senior drivers in Michigan (and their loved ones) should keep the following in mind when assessing whether it might be time to stop driving. There will come a time where many of us will no longer be able to drive safely due to old age. If we aren’t at that


Driverless Car Testing Campus to Open in Ann Arbor

MCity in Ann Arbor will be the site for automated motor vehicle testing in Michigan On July 20, 2015 the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor will be opening its test site for driverless cars, “MCity,” on its North Campus Research Center. Years in the making, MCity in Ann Arbor


Self-Driving Trucks: The Future of the Trucking Industry?

Will we see driverless semi-trucks in Michigan? Driverless semi-trucks in Michigan – as truck accident attorneys, the thought sounds both scary and intriguing. Between the ice and snow, our winters are known to bring and the number of aggressive drivers we are known to have, some might say it’s a