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Month: June 2016

pedestrians get no-fault benefits

Motorists: Watch Out For More Cyclists & Pedestrians During Summer

Summer is here … and that means warm Michigan days and nights. It also means more pedestrians and cyclists on the roadways. With that in mind, the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office is reminding motorists — especially teenage drivers — that they need to take extra precaution when encountering vulnerable

Can A Car Keep You Safer By Parallel Parking Itself?

Many drivers dread parallel parking — and, unfortunately, a lot of fender benders happen during the parallel parking process. But vehicles nowadays come with safety features that can help guide drivers into parallel parking spaces. One of these safety features is called “automatic parallel parking.” This technology helps steer a vehicle into


Riding Without A Motorcycle Helmet: What Are The Costs?

The repeal of the Michigan motorcycle helmet law in 2012 is having an impact on the number of crash fatalities, as well as the severity of injuries being treated at hospitals, according to a study. The Michigan State Police reported that 138 motorcyclists were killed in crashes in 2015.  This